If we´re still here, that´s because it´s a nice city afterall


There are three major good sides about living in Rio, and today I´m gonna talk about the first one: being close to nature. Rio de Janeiro is a city between the sea and the mountains, and I really mean it, cause in most cases there´s less than 2Km between beaches and its nearest mountain (in some cases moutains are coaster, breaking trought the water). Most of Rio´s regions have grown in valleys, such as, for example, the block where I live (Botafogo), between a 7km lenght moutain that begins in Sugar Loaf and ends at the Rodrigo de Freita´s lake; and at the other side part of the complex mountain chain of Tijuca Florest, the biggest urban green area in the world, with more than 120 square kilometers.

When you live in Rio you have in the day by day like some leisure options that are just utopic dreams for other metropolis people. Beyond Rio´s famous beaches, carioca people can enjoy light walks or even trekking journeys at the forest (sometimes little parks, sometimes big protection areas with wild vegetation), and dreamy escapes like waterfalls at just 30 min walking from high traffic avenues.

And even if you want big deal, at just 50 min by car from Rio´s downtown you´ll find one of the entrance gates of the Serra dos Orgãos National Park, a huge wild atlantic forest paradise, with lakes, wild animals and a bunch of little and medium waterfalls. Enjoy the pictures and next time will talk about the second good side about living here…

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