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Let’s twist again

I like to think I’m a sensible guy. That’s why it is so difficult to me to confess: I love Rio de Janeiro!

Sometimes I like to say to myself: Nando, you’re a true sensible guy. So, it’s very, very difficult to me to admit: I love people!

You know. People make noise. People get angry. They usually… Well… You probably know things people can do.

But people build things like Metblogs. You are in Rio, right? Suppose you get curious about what’s going on Karachi or on Kuala Lumpur. You simply click the Metblogs bar at the top of the page and…

Stop! What is this? I can’t believe it’s Earth! This wasted land? Where’s Cuba? There is no PekingBeijing and… Well. Not perfectly bad: there’s no Buenos Aires too. (I’m kidding, hermanos! I love Buenos Aires too!).

Never mind. I’m quite sure people will come.

I just can’t resist when I saw Rio de Janeiro was empty and, after a frenzied (and not very clean) battle, I got the place of the (temporary) lonely voice of Rio. Thank you, Sean! (I suppose it’s too late to apologize! “remember – the Internets never forget“.)

Two notes:

1.You’re very kind not to mention the fact that I’m completely illiterate in English. I promise I’ll never mention my English courses and (if it will be possible) I’ll try to correct this text if you point my mainly mistakes. To preserve my self-esteem, I’ll write my next notes cryptographically, in that secret code called Portuguese.

2.If you are in Rio de Janeiro this Saturday night and want to (violently) shake your heads, you must to go till Circo Voador and ear, with your own bones (sic!), Suicidal Tendencies. (I’m too old and I must go to bed early. I’m just afraid my house is inside the unsafe limit of two or three dozens of miles from the epicenter.)

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